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As one of Taiwan's leading IP firms with many years of experience, here at Top Team, you will enter a working environment with established systems and practices, to help you quickly achieve your goals as a successful IP practitioner. Here, you will work with seasoned IP professionals, whom have been servicing well-known leading companies and institutions in Taiwan and internationally for many years.

At Top Team, 'Quality of Service' is central to our culture. Accordingly, we pride ourselves on our advanced hardware and in-house tailored software systems, employee training, and quality control procedures. As a result, it is this culture and unyielding expectations that sets Top Team apart from the rest.

At Top Team, we :
▪ Support professional development through training programs and other activities.
▪ Provide a benefits package including: labor and health insurance; pension; and annual paid vacation.
▪ Offer annual bonuses for the Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival.
▪ Provide performance bonuses for select positions.
▪ Offer welfare and benefits which may include: travel or health allowance; cuisine appreciation; domestic travel; and an annual year-end banquet; and others.

To inquire about job openings, you can email us at english@top-team.com.tw .