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Our Services

Patent & Design

TOPTEAM specializes in cross-border patent protection services. We provide leading companies, start-ups, universities and research institutes, in Taiwan and overseas, with high-quality legal services in patent prosecution, consulting and representation of interests. We develop substantial experience in patent systems and practices, particularly, in Taiwan and major industrialized countries.

Our services range from drafting and translating patent specifications, filing patent applications, responding to office actions, patent granting, patent maintenance, to prior search and post-grant review/invalidation proceedings. Our team comprises expertise across a wide variety of scientific and technical fields, especially those crucial in high-tech industries.

TOPTEAM Patent Services:
▪ Patent prosecution and maintenance in Taiwan
▪ Cross-border and PCT patent filing and maintenance
▪ Post-grant prosecution and Invalidation
▪ Patent search
▪ Patent monitoring
▪ Patent validity analysis
▪ Patent infringement / non-infringement analysis
▪ Patent administrative / infringement litigation
▪ Freedom to operate (FTO) report
▪ Patent landscape research
▪ Patent due diligence analysis
▪ Patent linkage recordation
▪ Patent term extension registration
▪ IC layout registration