Our Services
Our Services


Our trademark team is run by experienced and competent attorneys at law and provides professional services range from pre-filing trademark search / opinions, branding strategy consulting and IPR enforcement plan, infringement analysis, dispute handling and litigation proceedings after trademark registration.

TOPTEAM has been representing domestic and international businesses and organizations, including world-leading high-tech companies and clients from various industries including multimedia, entertainment, academic, sports, retailers, logistics, food processing, manufacturing, fashion, etc.

TOPTEAM Trademark Services:
▪ Trademark & Branding strategy consultation
▪ Pre-filing trademark assessment
▪ Trademark prosecution and maintenance
▪ International and Madrid trademark prosecution and maintenance
▪ Trademark opposition, invalidation and revocation
▪ Trademark search and monitor
▪ Trademark infringement / non-infringement analysis
▪ Recordation of Registered Trademarks with Customs and Border Protection
▪ Trademark administrative / infringement litigation